Avalon Motor Park: The future Australian GP

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In a Real-Motorsport inves­ti­ga­tion, Avalon Motor Park plans have been dis­cov­ered. Under plan­ning by Apex Cir­cuit Design, a Buck­ing­hamshire engi­neer­ing firm, the cir­cuit has the poten­tial to replace Albert Park for the For­mula 1 Aus­tralian Grand Prix.

Albert Park is cur­rently under con­tract to host the For­mula 1 until 2015.

Ris­ing costs how­ever have plagued that fact and it is believed Albert Park will not see out it’s contract.

Ron Walker, the for­mer Mel­bourne Lord Mayor and now event chair­man, had nego­ti­ated a gov­ern­ment sub­sidy of $55–57 mil­lion for this year’s Grand Prix, to the dis­gust of taxpayers.

Mr. Walker con­tin­ues to nego­ti­ate for a con­tract after 2015 and stated, “If the track was a per­ma­nent fix­ture the cost could be more than halved.” But added, “the unique­ness of the Albert Park venue as a ‘vibrant tourist hub’ meant that would never happen.”

The ques­tion lies on how far the gov­ern­ment can be strained despite a bar­rage of tax­payer opposition.

The 4.8km Avalon Motor Park is envi­sioned, as of 2009, as a des­ti­na­tion to sat­isfy all motor sport users, both two wheel and four wheel, in all cat­e­gories of the sport.

Cur­rently pro­posed as a FIA Grade 2/ FIM Grade A cir­cuit, it remains, if required, rather able to be upgraded to FIA Grade 1 to host a For­mula 1 Grand Prix or other inter­na­tional or national motor sport activities.

The Avalon project con­tin­ues to gar­ner pub­lic sup­port, and pro­vides the solu­tion for ris­ing costs and even appro­pri­ate for the Euro­pean time slot.

Mix­ing in qual­i­ties of China, Suzuka and Aus­tralia, the Cir­cuit offers a fresh com­bi­na­tion of cor­ners that one has become akin to with Her­mann Tilke designed circuits.

Avalon 2DAvalon 3DMore details can be found at the web­site of Apex Cir­cuit design.

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