How to win a Grand Prix in 2012

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The code has been cracked.

It is now known what is required to win a Grand Prix this season.

The For­mula required to be num­ber One in 2012 is simple.

What can be estab­lished is that the win­ner of each race this sea­son endures a aver­age to poor race prior to their vic­tory, then backs up at the next race with a decid­edly poor outing.

As defined by the fol­low­ing sta­tis­tics. (Race won in italics)


Aus­tralia — 1st

Malaysia — 14th


Aus­tralia — 5th

Malaysia — 1st

China — 9th


Malaysia — 13th

China — 1st

Bahrain — 5th


China — 5th

Bahrain — 1st

Spain — 6th


Bahrain — DNF

Spain — 1st

Monaco — ???

On the basis of these stats, Mal­don­ado, or sim­ply “Man­aldo”, as my col­league refers to him, will fin­ish in eighth or ninth posi­tion at Monaco.

You can bet your bot­tom dol­lar on this happening.

Thus, using the pro­vided sta­tis­tics, the for­mula for vic­tory in 2012 is dic­tated by medi­oc­rity or com­plete failure.

As for the win­ner at Monaco?

We’ve even got this one fig­ured out

As an exten­sion of the “Poor-Win-Poor” the­ory, a dri­ver who has either fin­ished fifth/finished out­side the points or retired from the pre­vi­ous race race is guar­an­teed of victory.

It works on an alter­nate basis, as the last vic­tor in Mal­don­ado retired at the pre­vi­ous race, Ros­berg was thir­teenth at Malaysia, vic­to­ri­ous at China, whilst Vet­tel fin­ished fifth before his win at Bahrain, and the same goes for Alonso who went on to win at Malaysia.

So, the man who will win the next race fin­ished in fifth posi­tion at Spain.

There­fore, after much analy­sis, the win­ner of the Monaco Grand Prix is…

Kamui Kobayashi!

And if it’s not him, which is incred­i­bly doubt­ful, as it would destory this com­pletely log­i­cal solu­tion to win­ning a race in 2012, the only other man to fin­ish in fifth this sea­son with­out win­ning a race, and there­fore the only alter­na­tive can­di­date to win at Monaco…

Kimi Raikko­nen.

Either of these two men, guar­an­teed of victory.

Crack­ing the code, Real-Motorsport style!

We pride our­selves on bring­ing you exclu­sives, and we look for­ward to bring­ing you many more rev­e­la­tions in sea­son 2012!

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