Schumi Sabotaged?

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IT was an incon­ceiv­able ques­tion, but fol­low­ing a third con­sec­u­tive retire­ment for Michael Schu­macher at Canada, the fifth of his 2012 cam­paign, ques­tions must be asked of Mer­cedes, namely, whether they are sab­o­tag­ing the legend.

Schu­macher is forced into early retire­ment again © BBC

The seven-time cham­pion is rac­ing as well as ever since his come­back, yet his races have sel­dom lasted longer than three-quarter dis­tance, fail­ing to reach fur­ther than lap twelve at Aus­tralia, China and Spain, due to gear­box fail­ure, a pit crew fuck up — con­ve­niently for­get­ting to attach his front-right wheel­nut, whilst the last one was admit­tedly Schumacher’s fault.

At Monaco, he was forced into retire­ment fif­teen laps from the che­quered flag with a fuel pres­sure issue, whilst a recur­rence of the DRS-failure which fucked his qual­i­fy­ing at Bahrain ended his after­noon twenty-five laps early at Canada.

Team-mate Nico Ros­berg is yet to endure a retire­ment or reli­a­bil­ity issues of any nature, scor­ing the equal most points of any dri­ver along­side Sebas­t­ian Vet­tel since his vic­tory at China.

These fig­ures are damn­ing, some­thing is amiss, and the fin­ger points squarely in Mer­cedes direction.

When­ever Schu­macher retires, for instance, every race, the Mer­cedes big-wigs are not­i­ca­bly coy about the cause of his demise, adding fur­ther cred­i­bil­ity to the argument.

Until Ros­berg retires from the race due to a ham roll being acci­dently placed in his engine, or his car being jammed in sixth gear, the jury is out on the Sil­ver Arrows.

For the record, Schu­macher will retire at Valen­cia on lap 26 whilst in sixth posi­tion, hav­ing pit­ted from the lead, due to his rear-tyre hav­ing been “acci­dently” pierced, slowly delam­i­nat­ing, result­ing in a spin, caus­ing crit­ics to blame him for a seem­ingly innocu­ous crash, thus deflect­ing blame away from the team.

The out­come of this will be Mer­cedes over­whelm­ing desire to have an excuse to sack Schu­macher, per­haps before the sea­son is over, cit­ing his dan­ger to other dri­vers, at which point, Red and yours truly will be on the next plane to Europe to ram­page those responsible…

Real-Motorsport will be going to work in com­ing days, weeks, and races, if as pre­dicted, Schumacher’s mis­for­tune and “poor form” con­tin­ues, to bring you an exclusive.

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2 thoughts on “Schumi Sabotaged?

  1. Josh, thanks for your enthu­si­asm.
    I have to point out that the piece was writ­ten with a grain of salt, purely tongue in cheek.
    Every­body is enti­tled to an opin­ion, in this case, it was a light-hearted opin­ion that nobody should take seri­ously, aimed at dif­fus­ing the laugh­able sit­u­a­tion which Schu­macher finds him­self in this sea­son.
    If you read the ‘About’ sec­tion, you will find that Real-Motorsport is about the the more humourous side of For­mula One as well as many other things, we do live up to the REAL-motorsport moniker when appropriate.

  2. What rub­bish! If they want rid they they sim­ply need to not renew his con­tract. Why do peo­ple (in your case who should know bet­ter) think that there is no way to get rid of dri­vers in F1? It’s not like Raikko­nen, Hei­d­feld, Buemi, Alguer­suari (to name a few) have been got rid of before their con­tracts orig­i­nally planned since 2009.

    When­ever Schu­macher retires, for instance, every race, the Mer­cedes big-wigs are not­i­ca­bly coy about the cause of his demise, adding fur­ther cred­i­bil­ity to the argument”

    No it doesn’t (and it isn’t every race, check the stats), only if you have already made your deci­sion does it add cred­i­bil­ity. Con­spir­acy the­o­rists are always this biggest con­trib­u­tors of pos­i­tive ‘evi­dence’ to their cause.

    I expect this kind of thing from some FORUMS but not a web­site called REAL-motorsport.

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